Flagship Program 1- Strengthening National Evaluation Systems – Evaluation as the basis of the evidence-based policy making practice in Serbia


In order to assess the evaluation capacities, project team conducted desk research on the current state of evaluation in Serbia and stakeholder mapping, initiate meetings and conduct interviews with the most relevant stakeholders and assess potentials of the evaluation practice in Serbia. It was analyzed best practice examples of evaluations conducted in Serbia. Research results are to `be presented to state institutions, research community and CSOs aiming to facilitate a policy dialogue and derive recommendations for further development of the evaluation practice in Serbia in the context of the Agenda 2030. The project team tackled the following issues:

  1. How to improve local capacities for conducting evaluations in Serbia and the region?
  2. What have been the most important best practice examples in Serbia and the region?
  3. How to increase awareness of the policy makers on the evaluation benefits?
  4. What are the key factors for spreading the evaluation culture for the effective decision making?
  5. How could the M&E practices help us to deal with SDGs (with a gender-focus and equity responsive (EFGR) dimension)?
  6. To what extent was the VNR process and report evaluative?
  7. To what extent was it inclusive of the views of the various stakeholders?

Duration: March 2020 – June 2021

Lead applicant: SeConS Development Initiative

Ordered by: Evalpartners

Report – pdf

Brief – pdf