Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights, and Good Governance (DRG) Evaluation in Europe


The primary objective of the proposed project is to explore the current state, awareness and understanding of DRG evaluation framework across Europe. The questions addressed are:

  1. What are the current DRG practices and tools? What is the current status of activities?
  2. Which different components of DRG are already included in evaluations?
  3. What are the challenges and opportunities with regards to conducting DRG evaluation in different countries across Europe?

In answering the questions outlined above, the project involves collaboration of partners from 7 countries across the Network of European Evaluation Societies (NESE).

Duration: June – October 2018

Lead applicant: Macedonian Evaluation Network

Funded by: IOCE- International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation

Europe report.pdf
Country report.pdf